Anson Biggs

Astronautical Engineering Undergraduate | (480) 322-8468 | Phoenix, Arizona | |


I am an undergraduate Aerospace Engineering student focusing on Astronautics and a minor in Computer Science studying at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Arizona. I have successfully led teams ranging from fast-paced kitchen environments, construction of 11,000 square foot restaurants to 40 student engineering teams. I have a massive portfolio of code in dozens of languages over a decade; many of my projects are used by thousands of people a month.


Simple Stock Bots, Creator, 2018-Current
A project I started in Python that aims to provide a social and straightforward interface to the stock market on various chat platforms that allow bots. The project has grown into having thousands of monthly active users sending the bot over 1 million commands a month.
Redline Racing Division, Secretary / Business Lead 2018-2021
A University club for a student design competition where the goal is to build a formula-style race car almost entirely from scratch. Helped develop plans to aid in team collaboration, build relationships with local companies, and helped with team configuration management. During my time, the team grew from 8 to about 40 active students.
The Hub, Team Leader 2012-2021
I assisted in growing the company from 1 to 3 successful locations. Roles ranged from entire building remodels to designing menus and other documentation to training full kitchen and serving staff teams. During my undergrad, I have continued with the company in a fast-paced team leadership position during my summers off from college.


Top 50 | Tegra K1 CUDA Vision Challenge, NVIDIA 2015
Competition which involved building a computer vision platform using a small development board with an integrated GPU from NVIDIA. My project involved implementing cameras in restaurants to ensure food was prepared properly before being delivered to guests.
Discord Verified Bot Developer
Discord bots and applications that are active in more than 100 servers can only be managed by a developer that has been verified by Discord. Several of my projects have passed this threshold.


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Fall 2017 - May 2022
Bachelors - Aerospace Engineering with a focus in Astronautics
Minor - Computer Science | Iceland Study Abroad for Mathmatics


Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, SymPy, Serverless, Dask, CUDA
Julia, Rust, C++, LaTeX, Linux, Linux CLI, Git Version Control, Regex, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD
Symbolic Toolbox, Control System Toolbox, Aerospace Toolbox, Simulink, Optimization, Live Script
Computer Aided Design
Fusion 360, CATIA, 3D Printing, Cura, Drawings
Office Software
Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Visio, Skype


Below are some projects that I have worked on where I found something that was interesting enough to make a writeup and post. The full list can be viewed on my projects website